OTLE presents a transversal approach to logistics activity, offering data on the transport and storage of goods, socioeconomic data, infrastructures and information related to intermodality and multimodality, key aspects in the logistics chain.

Graph of maritime-rail transport by ports. 2109. Chart content in Spanish

Maritime-rail transport in the main ports in 2019.

Relevant information

Goods transport

All modes

2.116 million tonnes were transported by all modes of transport in 2019, of which 1,534 million tonnes were domestic and 581 million tonnes international.

95% of all tonnes were transported by road in 2019 domestically, while 79% were transported by sea internationally.

Socioeconomic data

The logistics sector had 135.767 companies in 2018, with 675.673 people employed and an investment in tangible assets of 6.410 million euros.



7.768 million tonne-kilometres were transported by Spanish vehicles by road container in 2019.


5.355 million tonne-kilometres were transported by intermodal wagon in 2019.


In 2019 186 million tonnes were transported by container.


  • Road: 31,6 million m2 of covered storage in 2020.
  • ADIF terminals: 7,3 million m2 of logistics area in 2019.
  • AENA airports: 285.851 m2 of cargo area in 2019.
  • State Ports: 97,5 million m2 of floor space in 2019.